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Asphalt Repairs

asphalt repair

Asphalt repairs are necessary within time as newly applied asphalt surfaces begin to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to elements such as water, sunlight, and chemicals.

Regular maintenance and repairs sooner rather than later can save you on expensive replacement projects. There is no reliable way to estimate the cost of a pavement project until all the variables are known, including the depth of the asphalt to be poured. Many factors go into building and repairing parking lots

First, keeping your parking lot in good condition for both vehicle traffic and foot traffic is important to the aesthetics of your business. A clean, well-maintained parking lot makes a good impression on those who visit your business. Good upkeep of the physical appearance, including parking lot repairs sets the stage for everything else.

The second reason to make sure repairing asphalt is a priority is a legal one known as premises liability. Any personal injury accidents such as a trip-and-fall or damage to a vehicle might be grounds for a lawsuit. In many states, all costs from medical care, long-term therapy, and medications lost time from work, and pain and suffering can be calculated into an award. If a pothole or other asphalt hazard leads to an injury, the owner and management company can be held financially responsible for substandard pavement conditions. However, the opposite can hold true as well – if you can demonstrate that attention to timely asphalt repairs has been done, this can help your defense against any such lawsuits.

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