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Seal Coating

Seal Coating

It may come as a surprise that many property owners, maintenance workers, and Columbus area homeowners have a little understanding with regards to the importance of seal coating. Asphalt pavement in simple terms is rock or stone held together with a binder which is also known as asphalt cement. Through the distillation process of some crude oils, the adhesive is formed. Keeping this binder in good shape is important for maintaining the overall quality of asphalt surfaces.

Sealcoating is critical to maintaining healthy pavement. Not only does it maintain flexibility and protect your pavement from the rain and sun, but it also extends the life of your pavement twice as long as pavement that has not been treated. Seal coating is a cost-effective way of repairing or surfacing the existing pavement, extending the life of the pavement and driveway. There are two main types of seal coating Squeegee (which can result in a streaky application) and Spray.

Factors like U.V. rays, chemicals, and rain can cause damage to the binder hence degradation and brittleness of asphalt. To reduce the harsh effects of these elements, it will be of importance to come up with a maintenance strategy that uses seal coating to lengthen the life span of your parking lot or driveway.

Sealcoating protects and prolongs the life expectancy of asphalt pavement by filling surface damage and providing a protective layer to keep out damaging UV rays, vehicle fluids, and water.
The low cost of regular seal coating can save you money in the long run. A properly maintained and sealed asphalt surface has an extended lifetime and reduces long-term repair costs.

There are different forms of seal coating material, but all methods work by a process of cleaning and patching the existing surface, then coating the entire surface of the asphalt with a liquid sealer that forms an impenetrable barrier once it is dry. With the surface seal coat intact, the underlying asphalt is protected from the effects of water, wind, and sunlight that can degrade and harden the asphalt and cause it to crack and crumble.

With exposure to the elements, asphalt pavement over time becomes faded in appearance. A fresh sealcoat application enhances the appearance of asphalt, making it look and wear like new.
Sealcoating is typically done using one of two application methods: spray or squeegee.
Sealcoating accelerates the melting process of snow and ice on pavement surfaces. This helps to protect against water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage.

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